World of Warcraft classic crit is more important than hit? Netizens: Look at occupations, have inherent advantages! Dec-30-2019

    In the game, we are friends, chat and chat, here we can speak freely without any obstruction, as well as the editors who like to spit, please collect saliva, and be ready to spit with the editor at any time!

     WOW classic game Crit is more important than hit? Netizens said that depending on the profession, thieves and violent battles are mainly based on increasing hits. The hits set by hunter characters are already very high. PVE shooting talent hunters increase crit priority over hits.
     As a dwarf hunter, I like to use firearms. The gloves are precision gloves from under the black. Hit 1 and add 8 full range weapons and 8 skill points at the same time. The wrist uses the marksman wrist wheel and 2 full range weapon skills. 2 Point, at level 60, I have 315 firearms skills, which is equivalent to shooting at level 63 firearms. In addition, the ring uses two doomed dim elves. I feel that the hits are enough, and there are basically no Missed!

     Hunters usually hit 8 enough, more overflow, hit seven dogs and 12 hit Ningshen shooting, the crit is too high to be easy to OT, the group use shooting without survival is to shoot high AP, survival high crit, the overall output is similar, but, Survival is often trivial and easy to OT. Many people will choose brutality now, but I think brutality only has 1 critical strike, double cut bone enchantment 15 min, almost 2 critical strikes and 120 long-range attack strength. However, some people say that it is 30 min plus 26 min to cut the bone, just 1% crit, 112 attack, brutal stroke 25 min, 50 attack + 60 attack, which equals 110 attack, plus 1% crit and 0.5%. 25 critical strikes with agility.
    The hunter does not need to hit as high as the dual-holding class. He can take the crit himself and take the hit to measure it to understand that the truth practiced with both hands is more useful than the mouth. It is often said that hunters do not need to hit because the hunter is too easy to load, especially if the weapon pays a 3 hit, there is no need to deliberately pile up.


    And everyone who talks about crit and hits first needs to look at the output method of the hunter. I think that the thief does not need to hit the least. When the player misses the screen full of misses, one more and one less does not matter.


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